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Interview with Australian troubadour, Jack Carty

Interview with Australian troubadour, Jack Carty

Having already taken Australia by storm after reaching the number one spot in the AIR charts there this summer, Jack Carty has recently brought his unique blend of indie-folk to the UK, releasing his album ‘Home State’ late November. We caught up with him to find out the story so far…

jack-carty-s-h-schroederYou’ve just released your album ‘Home State’ after topping the AIR charts in Australia this summer, how does it feel and how did it all come about?

It feels bloody great. This year has been pretty bonkers in it’s scope, I toured across The U.K, Australia and New Zealand twice in an eight-month period and have had all kinds of dreams come true. Mostly I just feel grateful to have such incredible friends and loved-ones around me, and lucky to have people out there who are truly listening to and engaging with the music. ‘Home State’ came about almost by accident. After a pretty solid 4 years on the road I got married and took some time off touring. Before long I was demoing new songs at home, in my apartment in Brisbane. Gradually and very organically I realised I could record a whole album that way. It was the most fun I’ve had making a record and I’ve never been so proud of the end result.

How have you got to this stage in your career, what part-time jobs have you had to do to get you where you are today?

It’s mostly been through heaps and heaps of touring and being kind-of obsessive when it comes to writing songs and working at the craft of it all. Hard work basically. Fun but hard. Not many people are able to get around that.

I worked in a bar for a couple of years when I first started gigging. I was trying to finish Uni at the same time.

What’s your writing process? Any top tips for songwriting?

These days I tend to let ideas percolate and run around in my head until inspiration strikes. I still think there is something ephemeral about that moment (when it happens) that defies explanation. Generally when I sit down to actually put pen to paper I’ve already got a good idea of the themes and ideas behind the song and where I want to take it. Not always though – I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules. Tips-wise, I’d say:

Be kind to yourself, read a lot and try to find your own voice.

home_state_hi_res_packshotYou recorded the whole album by yourself, how did that go, what were the challenges and how important is it for artists to be able to record their own music?

Yeah I did! It was a really fun, interesting and rewarding experience. The biggest challenge was maintaining perspective on it all. When you’re playing everything as well as producing and engineering, it can be hard to be sure you’re still on the right track at the end of a big day. You really have to be willing to scrap a whole days work if it isn’t right, and start again.

Speaking for myself, realising I could record my own music at home to a release-ready standard changed everything. It means the only restriction from here on in is time.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

There is an Australian cartoonist (though he is more of a philosopher, really) called Michael Leunig. I think it’s gotta be him… He just gets it.

What’s your funniest story from your tour in the UK?

I was touring with Blair Dunlop in April-May this year (so great! Check him out!) and he is THE WORLDS BIGGEST TOTTENHAM FAN. All tour he’d be telling us how Arsenal were “smelly” and this was the year Tottenham were going to finish above them on the league table… We all know how that worked out. We laughed, Blair cried.

What can we expect from you in 2017?

I’ll be back in the U.K touring, and I’ll be releasing new music a little later in the year. To find out more and keep up to date with Jack go to his website at

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