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‘Skull-splitting metal’ Finnish band, RANGER New Album Out March 16th!

‘Skull-splitting metal’ Finnish band, RANGER New Album Out March 16th!

‘Skull-splitting metal’ merchants RANGER will release their Spinefarm debut Where Evil Dwells on March 16th. True to old school form, the album is an analogue recording, featuring the sound of melting Marshall amps.

This band are a true product of the Finnish underground, RANGER is a four-piece unit founded in 2008. Skyrocketing in success and popularity since the release of their debut Knights Of Darkness 12” EP (Ektro) in 2013, within two years they have laid waste to the stages of basically every major Finnish festival. Their rapidly energetic shows have wreaked havoc in a manner unprecedented in Finland, whipping punk and metal audiences alike into a riotous thrashing frenzy, leaving behind mangled armies of euphoric fans drenched in sweat, parched with thirst and smiling like morons.

After a couple of demos and EP releases (plus a compilation comprised of the aforementioned items), Where Evil Dwells is RANGER’S debut full-length album, proving that their frenzied output is every bit as effective in larger portions as EP-sized.

Where Evil Dwells will be out on CD, LP, cassette & digital.

Check out ‘Defcon 1’ here on YouTube, which is the first track from Where Evil Dwells.

Just voted among the most interesting new generation metal bands in Finland, Helsinki’s RANGER will melt your face. Overloading all senses with a relentless onslaught of turbo-charged heavy/speed metal, RANGER’S torrid riffs, twin-guitar assault, intense rapid-fire drumming, pummeling bass attack and banshee-like vocal delivery thrashes you to oblivion.

We’re talking heavy metal here, the sort that transcends generations: organic, authentic, classic and, blatantly put, crazy as a fucking shithouse rat. Contagious. Unstoppable.

Where Evil Dwells tracklist:

  • 01. Defcon 1
  • 02. Deadly Feast
  • 03. Phantom Soldier
  • 04. Dead Zone
  • 05. Black Circle (S.Y.L.S.)
  • 06. Where Evil Dwells
  • 07. Storm Of Power

For more information on RANGER, please contact: Lailah O’Donnell
Email: | Phone: 020755071516

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