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ALT-MU Christmas party @ The Black Lion

ALT-MU Christmas party @ The Black Lion

The Brighton team at ALT-MU enjoyed an epic night of Christmas antics at the Black Lion last week for our Christmas party. We gorged on a festive feast after a few delicious cocktails as we made it just in time for happy hour! All before we were led into the depths of the pub to get silly in their hidden escape room with Lady Chastity. Not to mention the late night shape making to the DJ and revelling in the wonders of photobot. Here is our lowdown of the evening…

15337516_10157924152055165_1391233417454653668_nA festive feast fit for ALT-MU Kings (and Queens)

The Christmas dinner was served beautifully with a wide range of different foods, loads of flavours for both meat eaters and vegetarians. We tucked into the Pavilion buffet, which included British classics like mini fish and chips, homemade sausage rolls and unique dishes like brie, apple and onion tartlets and Brighton Gin-cured salmon. The meal was served with a selection of dips, garnishes and crusty bread. 

Our date in an escape room with Lady Chastity

Most of us had no prior knowledge of escape games or what exactly we’d let ourselves in for as we climbed the stairs to Lady Chastity’s burnt out boudoir. Full bellied and several drinks down, we were greeted by Gabriel, adorned in a top hat and Victorian style get up. He proceeded to explain our task for the evening, which gave us a shove into an alternate realm.

escape-room-fOur mission: find the last bottle of the great Lady Chastity’s Reserve. To our booze fuelled minds, finding this bottle of wine was of the utmost importance at this point! Armed with nothing but tiny pocket torches, we were locked in to our inevitable doom.

It began with some fumbling around in darkness, hunting for a clue, anything to get us on the right track. The evening consisted of accidental discoveries of hidden doorways, missing keys, gigantic spiders and booby trapped books. The experience was unforgettable, if a little scary at times but ultimately a fantastic team challenge that after the initial dumbfoundedness, resulted in us finishing in a very respectable time! We left with great memories and the bottle of wine we’d tried so hard to uncover which we guzzled, but the bottle now resides triumphantly on the ALT-MU mantelpiece!

An epic evening of Christmas antics

The cosy atmosphere and the friendly staff added to the incredible experience. Black Lion Pub has a laid back vibe and the place has a lot of character as it is one of the oldest buildings in Brighton. There are even rumours that the pub is haunted, which made the hidden escape room above the pub that little bit more spooky.

All in all an awesome time was had by all. Yummy food, tasty cocktails, a theatrical escape game, photo booth antics and dancing late into the night – what more do you want at your Christmas party? So good in fact we are totally going back for another social very soon.

If you want to book your Christmas party at The Black Lion you can find out more about their Christmas package online; escape games are also available from £22 per person.

Peace out!

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