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Raging Speedhorn @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Raging Speedhorn @ The Wedgewood Rooms

Contributing writer for ALT-MU Dave Moore shares his experience at Raging Speedhorn’s gig in Portsmouth (UK) last month…

“We are Raging Speedhorn and we don’t give a fucking shit!”

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I don’t think these words can be so aptly used than to a near empty Wedgewood Rooms on a Thursday night.  They clearly didn’t give a shit that there was a small crowd as they blasted heavy hitters such as ‘The Hate Song’ and ‘Bring Out Your Dead’ from the stage. Now, whilst I am not in a band myself, I would assume that at live shows the band feed off the crowd. However, for Speedhorn, there were very slim pickings, the first pit didn’t open until 20 minutes into the set and contained 2 people. There was an underlying feeling that the crowd wanted to explode and throw themselves into the set and reciprocate the intense energy the 6 guys on stage were selling, but with so much room between you and the next person it simply fizzled into nothingness.

Modest headbanging and a few raised horns were about as much as Raging Speedhorn were seeing as they continued to launch the set from the stage in a valley of screams and sludgy guitars. Vocalist Frank Regan apologised to the crowd stating they had “drunk a little too much”, displayed as he swung his microphone around, missing the catch and then hunting for where it had fallen (“it’s by your foot Frank”). Whilst fellow vocalist John Loughlin also apologised about his voice as his throat had been sore from the previous night in Birmingham. If those screams and growls are from a guy with a sore throat, I would not want him shouting at me when fully fit!

On form and captivating

The band were in amazing form and were able to keep the audience captivated with pounding drums, technically amazing guitar riffs and the split vocals of John and Frank. As the night passed the crowd finally seemed to forget that there was barely anyone there and just went crazy, much bigger pits were springing up for songs, like during ‘Fuck The Voodooman’ when the majority of the crowd were involved. The band left stage and came back for one more song before calling it a night. All in all, Raging Speedhorn were incredible and cannot be blamed for feeling deflated at so much floor space they could see. It is a huge shame and damning indictment on the Portsmouth music scene that the crowd was so tiny.

Review by Dave Moore

Photography by Hannah Mequitta

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