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New Single ‘Just Another Day’ Captures Desire to Escape

New Single ‘Just Another Day’ Captures Desire to Escape

Inspiration can come from anywhere. While for some it’s the life changing moments that ignite the creative spark, independent singer / songwriter Kev Minney found that sometimes all it takes is a bored and wandering mind in a monotonous job to fuel an idea, which was the inspiration behind his latest single, Just Another Day. The song and video is likely to resonate with millions of people unhappy in their job, including frustrated creatives and musicians stuck in a day job with no meaning.  

“I was thinking about the time when I was working in a warehouse in Northampton and bored out of my mind,’ he mentions when talking about his vision for music video Just Another Day.  ‘We wanted to make that monotony feel obvious.”

Like many musicians and creative artists, Kev has struggled to balance his pursuits in music with financial stability, which often leads to one of two scenarios. Working full-time and trying to do what you can in the evenings, or taking the leap and struggling to get by in a music industry that has become increasingly difficult to navigate.

“The industry is saturated, and everyone knows it. The problem with saturation is you become a needle in a haystack, luckily for me, I am persistent. I never give up, and that inner fight always gets you wherever you wanna be.”

Kev also has a great supportive network around him in Brighton, including Dave Neale from Brighton film production company, Wild Stag Studio.

“Brighton is packed with creative opportunities for film, but it was great to work on a music project that highlighted such a common struggle for many. A struggle that often leads people to move from London to Brighton in fact. I think we can all relate to that feeling at some point in our lives.”

Right from the beginning he teamed up with Brighton artist Daniel Hansen who is creating all of the illustrations for his single and album covers. Daniel shares Kev’s passion for music and astronomy, he said:

“Kev gives me quite a lot of creative freedom and trusts I know what I am doing, which is very liberating. He sends me the first takes of the songs and I start coming up with ideas and images. It’s nice because I get excited to hear new songs and Kev gets excited to see new artwork. There will be a set of five single covers in total and the album cover and it’s been fun to make them all work visual together while working for each song.”

All of the singles released over the coming months for Stories of the Sky will be their own creative entity born from a team of collaborators with a unique narrative. This latest release is set to reignite the disenchanted masses with its blend of acoustic guitar, haunting orchestral backing and empowering story of a man crushed by everyday life. Just Another Day is a quality song with a strong message. A single that not only belongs on your playlist, but also marks continued momentum of a millennial shift towards finding more meaning in the workplace and valuing experience over stuff.

There you have it. Watch the video or listen to Just Another Day on Spotify now for a musical reminder to appreciate the little things in life.


Feature by Jennifer Le Roux

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