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Music Networking with Riff Taff in Brighton

Music Networking with Riff Taff in Brighton


After massive success in London, independent networking group Riff Taff have decided to bring their Music Network Evening to Brighton and it’s creating so much of a buzz that they have even added an extra date to fit us all in!

As many of you are aware, this city is a veritable melting pot of cultural, social and artistic diversity so possibilities are abundant.

More about Riff Taff

Their ethos is to connect like-minded people together to create, collaborate and socialise. In a time where everything is online, Riff Taff prefers the more traditional and rather refreshing approach of meeting face to face.

Launching in January 2015 the company started as a Live Events Organiser and gradually developed into networking alongside. Essentially, what Riff Taff has done is create a platform in which musos and the like can occupy a space. This growing community can then share, influence and discuss beyond the networking evening itself.

More about the event

The event has been created for Musicians, Photographers, Promoters, Venue Managers, Music PR, Label Owners, Internet Radio DJs, Graphic Designers, Videographers and anyone else who thinks they have a skill to offer to come along and get involved.

There are no specific skill requirements for these evenings. People of all different ages and walks of life will attend and therein lies its potential.

So, whether you have been in the business twenty odd years or you’re just considering pursuing career in the creative industry, all are welcome.

Music Networking Evening: How you can get involved

It’s free entry for all and will be taking place on November 21st and November 22nd. You can pop in anytime between 8PM and 10:30PM at The Southover pub. Simply bring along your business cards, CD’s or anything that showcases your work and just get chatting.

Whether you will meet someone who has the expertise you require or just the thing you felt your project was missing – maybe they could even put you in touch with someone who shares your vision. There is a connection to be made.

ALT-MU will be there with founder and chief organiser Ivan Roberts to chat more about how Riff Taff got started and what he has in store for the future.

Hope to see you all down there. Get involved. Don’t wait, collaborate!

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