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Interview with soul singer & blues pianist, Leo Napier

Interview with soul singer & blues pianist, Leo Napier

After seeing success collaborating with Griz and Gramatik, Leo Napier went on to release his debut single ‘Dime’ in 2016. Since then he’s built on that success and released his super smooth soul single ‘Bad Girl’, we caught up with him to find out more…

1. Prior to releasing ‘Bad Girl’ and your debut single ‘Dime’ you collaborated with Griz and Gramatik, how did that come about and what was it like working with them?

It’s great fun working with both those guys. They both have impeccable instincts, and when they put their mind to something it’s usually outstanding. Nice to hear my tunes interpreted that slickly.

2. How did you get into music in the first place, did you have to do any part time jobs along the way?

I’ve had a lot of different jobs in my day. Mixing drinks, mixing cement, modeling. And I’ve always gotten by. The goal is to have enough energy at the end of the day to sit down and write a song. And of course, enough money to buy a couple beers and a sandwich.

badgirl-cover3. What was your writing process for ‘Bad Girl’?

Pretty simple process. I just sat down with my buddy and wrote it. This song basically wrote itself. And those are usually the best ones.

4. Is there an EP or album on the way, can you tell us more if so?

Yes! There’s a great one on the way in early ’17. It’s gonna be soul soaked and funky. The songs will lean more toward the genres that first inspired me to play, aka blues, soul and R&B.

5. What inspired you to get into music?

My Father is a tenor sax player. He steered me toward music from the start and showed me my first few licks on the piano. Plus there was always great music playing in the house.

The Beatles, Ray Charles, Al Green and Aretha Franklin. Those were the artists I looked up to.

I didn’t listen to all that much contemporary music when I was first getting started. I went straight to the source.

6. How was the filming for your ‘Bad Girl’ video, how important are music videos to an artist’s promo campaign?

It was great. We basically drank whiskey and wandered around Soho, all fired up and shooting anything that looked worthwhile. Met hundreds of people in the street and had plenty of interesting conversations. It was a good time. I wish it was always that easy.

7. What can we expect from you in 2017?

A brand new record plus a bunch of new collaborations in the EDM world. Mostly funk/soul/classic R&B with a whole lotta blues thrown in there. Basically the greatest music on earth!

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