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GAK presents – Pioneer DJ release of XDJ-RX2

Our Editor, Jennifer Le Roux got a treat last week when she was invited along by BozBoz and GAK for a private DJ Masterclass to play with Pioneer Global’s new tech. Of course, she knows little about DJ’ing so invited along Josephine Thorpe (aka Light Gal) an experienced DJ from Guildford. Here’s what these two J’s took from the masterclass and glam exclusive launch event that followed that evening…

The new tech XDJ-RX2 is ultimately an improved version of XDJ-RX. While the latter has been a much loved portable all-in-one system for mobile DJ’s it was lacking a few features. The XDJ-RX2 is Pioneers attempt to keep everything loved about the original, but address some of the DJ requests they have received, while also improving other areas along the way.

What was hugely exciting about this equipment is that it will please beginners and pro’s alike. The option to sync tracks and easily search using the touchscreen got Jen’s ears tingling, whereas Jo was much more interested in the more advanced additions to the tech. New features that got Jo excited include:

  • 8 large multi-coloured touch pads
  • Rotary track selector from CDJ-2000
  • NXs2 large full colour touch screen sweep and dub echo colour
  • FX plug rekordbox straight into the mixer via USB (no need to export tracks to a usb stick)
  • Plug and play identical mixer to the djm-450
  • Lighter weight all-in-one deck – easy transportation

The evening was packed with music industry heavyweights and independent DJ’s alike. In addition to guest DJ’s showcasing the new XDJ-RX2, there were vintage mixers, cdjs and synthesisers Toraiz as-1 and toraiz sp-16 synthesisers available to demo. The wine was flowing, the music was banging and no harm came to the equipment in the process. All in all it was a pleasure to be invited along to the exclusive unveiling and we look forward to seeing this new tech make its appearance in clubs everywhere.

More about the brands behind the unveiling, the UK’s leading instrument retailer, and multi-award-winning digital agency, Bozboz teamed up to host this exclusive reveal of Pioneer DJ’s latest product, the XDJ-RX2. One of the only places in the country where the brand-new product was experienced first hand. The event offered electronic music lovers the chance to explore Pioneer DJ’s Toraiz Series, as well as a range of heritage equipment in a museum-meets-rave setting. From humble beginnings as a pop-up shop, GAK is celebrating 25 years as an iconic part of Brighton’s North Laine. Music technology has gone from strength to strength over the last 25 years, and GAK is thrilled to work with Pioneer DJ to chronicle the journey.

There you have it. An awesome bit of tech with plenty of nods of approval from media and music industry bods alike. Keep your eye out for your first chance to get your hands on the XDJ-RX2.



Review by Jennifer Le Roux & Light Gal

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