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Cat La Chappelle Interview

Cat La Chappelle Interview

Our first cover-star of 2014 and featured ALT-MU for our fourth issue was the gorgeous and abundantly talented DJ, musician and alternative performer, Cat La Chappelle. Cat is primarily a DJ / live remixer and percussionist who specialises in bespoke music sets for commercial events. However, this girl doesn’t stop there – she has also been a circus and fire performer for nearly a decade travelling the world. We caught up with the lovely Cat La Chappelle to find out what inspires her, how it feels to make a living doing what she loves every day and what her plans were for 2014.

Let’s make sure we have this right… You are a musician, percussionist and DJ who looks like a model and can make fire dance? That is quite a combination, what came first? And how do these talents work together?

I’ve always been a musician and been making noise from a very young age – burning things didn’t follow too long after that! Music, dancing and fire to me is a natural amalgamation of things I enjoy. They go hand in hand for me and I’ve even composed my own music for some of my fire performances.

March_CoverWhat is it about music that inspires you?

It’s universal it speaks to the world.

Who or what would you say your biggest influence has been within and outside music?

Just listening to so many great people like, Bjork, 2manyDJs, Plump DJ’s, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Chic, Stanton Warriors, Bill Cobham, KJ Sawka – I could go on for hours and hours…

You’ve taken the underground scene by storm! What would you say sets you apart from your peers musically and creatively?

I try to be as creative as I can with the songs I select and what parts I use, so there’s a mystery and also the element of surprise in my sets.

What was your first DJ gig like?

F*ckin scary! But seeing the crowd go crazy made me feel like I was home…. Behind decks is where I belong.

Do you still get the same rush when you DJ now?

Oh hell yeah!!

Which venue is your favourite to play at and do you have a dream venue?

Islington Metal Works as there are so many different rooms and it’s been home to some great parties! I suppose my dream venue would have to be a beach in California or on my home turf at Brixton Academy.

Your music has an excellent fusion of electronic riffs with down tuned bass lines and soaring vocals. Undoubtedly you have mastered creating auricle material. How does your performance stimulate the other senses for your audience?

Depends what they’re on [joke] no, seriously I think because of my performance back ground, I like to think I add a little “stage presence” to my set…. I connect with my crowd.  I also get my tits out [JOKE!!]

What is the hardest and most important lesson you have learnt during your career?

Your rep is everything you’re only as good as your last gig and marketing sucks but is very necessary.


What advice would you give to any musicians keen to expand their talents into more diverse performance areas like you have?

If it’s dangerous – train! If it’s not… Try it all.

Finally, what is on the horizon for Cat La Chappelle in 2014?

I did some great corporate gigs last year so I’m looking forward to more of that. I’ll be creating more bespoke sets as well and I’m going to be incorporating my own percussion with my DJing! I’m also in the throes of recording an EP at the moment that will be available shortly via my website;,

Y’all can keep up to date and watch this space for more noise!!

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