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Ankit Love Interview

Ankit Love Interview

Ankit Love is not only a talented performer but a fantastic film maker. He is also the creative director of a new and innovative magazine that combines fashion and science. Having loved music from an early age, Ankit spent hours teaching himself with no schooling in the subject. He really fits our definition of an Alt-MU so we caught up with him to find out more…

How did you get into the music industry?

I had been writing several poems on the back of acting courses I attended at the RADA and Lee Strasberg in West Hollywood. I wanted to express and communicate these feelings. Messages, music and lyrics seemed the most natural and effective way of doing that.

At an early age, I had a love for music and performance but did not get to really embrace it until much later when at CalArts (arts school) in California, I was living with experimental musicians. I then began to get more connected to a possible future in this enchanting medium. As I was not formally schooled in music and had no natural musical skills, I had to learn how to carry a melody with many hours of practicing the keyboard. Attaining an understanding of music theory so I could create and communicate with my musical calibrators on the album.

How do you balance your time between projects?


Are there any skills that cross over from project to project?

Yes… creation. In every project what I make is fundamentally based on vision, direction and creation. So while classically it seems I am a renaissance man across many fields and genres. In essence, all I know and do is one thing – directing a vision to creation and production.

Out of all of your jobs, which is your favourite and why?

Performing. I love to communicate, I love to express with my body and voice. I love finding a genuine and creative imputes from which to release myself with the use of my entire being. And I love the attention.

Your most recent venture is Mist Magazine, a magazine that combines both fashion and science. How did this come about?

I am a keen fan of both style and science. Recently I was meditating on the break down of classic genres and divisions between knowledge. When the opportunity came to make an online magazine, it seemed an ideal place to make a statement. Mixing concepts that seem so far apart, yet on closer examination are related. Fashion is design, which itself draws from science, whether it be the material you use or way it is manufactured. I want to make science sexy so as to draw the attention of the youth to the potential that technology has to offer in improving their human condition with the hope that more young people get into the field, bringing more direct civilian funding to science.

What would your advice be to others that want to pursue a career in music alongside other creative talents?

Strategy and love. It’s somewhat a paradox to pursue a career in something so beautiful and close to the fabric of the human soul. So you need to be both pragmatic and romantic at the same time. While that sounds arduous on the surface if you learn to break the Victorian bonds between subjects, your thoughts, you can be both the fire and the ice at the same time. This is great human potential. The great human capacity to create.

Is there any advice you wish you’d known when you first began your career?

Be open minded to different types of music that may be better suited to you as a performer rather than your favourite. So consider who would be your best audience and what they want. Understand your limitations, work to improve them but work to create the maximum beauty with them. Balance and proportion are sometimes more crucial than being the best at any one aspect. Realise that luck is as important as talent and give it everything, but give it everything by being smart with your heart. Breathe, and enjoy! It’s meant to be fun!

You can find out more about Ankit Love on his website

Or tweet him @loveadovepax

Interview by Lizzie Cooley

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