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Alternative Scene Vs Halloween: As the dead rise, does fashion die?

Alternative Scene Vs Halloween: As the dead rise, does fashion die?

Halloween, the evening the dead rise and a night where fashion goes to die, stylishly. Pastel colours of summer darken their doors and everyone embraces their inner Goth. Yet how can we tell the true Halloween enthusiasts apart from the fashion lovers creating a spooky facade?

Mainstream & Alternative Collide

Halloween is the only time of year in which the two sides of the Fashion world, mainstream and alternative, collide into a bloody battle fighting for the title of ‘who can dress to kill better’? The true dark souls, whose interests in this spooky holiday go way beyond just October? Or is it the pretty girls who want to play a part in the madness? Is Halloween just another holiday that fashion has got its claws into and is ripping the very soul right out of?

Alternative Fashion fights Halloweens corner every year. They thrive in the ability to literally close their eyes and point to their wardrobe at random and have the makings of a demonic spirit costume or a modernist witch. How hard is it to outdo a look you adopt all year round? How do true enthusiasts creatively display their fascination of the spirit world, demonic worship, pagan witchery or love for vampire culture, through an outfit that now, quite frankly, blends in?

Halloween Tips from Pagan Fashionista, Nicoletta

We spoke to Nicoletta Foden-Hall – a Pagan raised alternative fashionista and you-tuber. Here is what she had to say:

What tips would you give our readers to help them truly express themselves on Hallows Eve?

I think by being brought up by my mother who is a Pagan (if I’m honest I believed she was a good witch most of my childhood), I’ve always loved the darker ideas of life and where Halloween was said to have come from. Whether that be the afterlife or Vampires, I have always adored the idea that on Hallows Eve the dead will come and visit their families. I love everything about Halloween whether that be the fancy dress (the scarier the better) or the trick or treating with my baby brothers and niece. Whatever you believe it’s a magical night.

How do you transfer your true interests and afterlife fascinations into your costume and differentiate this from the already gothic, alternative look you rock daily?

I use all those influences in my costumes. Like this year I’ve taken influences from Hela Viking Goddess. I think when it comes to incorporating your fashion style into your Halloween costume, try to forget your stereotypes, and be you! Because that’s the bravest and scariest thing you can possibly do! So for me I love maila nurmi in ‘the vampira show’ I think she was flawless and the look was such perfection that I know I will be going as her next year!Whatever fashion group you fall into, whichever weird and wonderful Halloween interests you have, make sure you take a spooky stand this Hallows Eve and translate these into your costume, to ensure you stand out from the creepy crowd

One year, Nicola decided to take inspiration from Viking Goddess ‘Hell’ and create a half human half skull look for Halloween, check it out below:


Original feature by Charly Phillips
Edited by Sarah Kiernan



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