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New album launch? Music course? Clothing brand? Festival Tickets on sale?

Why not advertise in ALT-MU?

ALT-MU is a digital magazine published on the platform. We are a volunteer led magazine and therefore, our readership is very much organic and engaged with our content. We have over 2.7k followers across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ & Instagram collectively, which has been organically grown.

How many people read ALT-MU?

10k digital readership on

We have almost 10k readers which grows as we release each issue on and over 785k impressions. This does not include the additional downloads of ALT-MU offered by alternative platforms such as, which is approximately 2,000 per issue. Here are the latest statistics from (March 2017):

Website readership

Until recently, we have not had regular content going out on the website, due to restricted time as a volunteer led magazine. However, since upping the activity and putting out at least one article a week, we are now up to between 200-400 new visitors a week, with 8k over the last 6 months – 4k of which were new visitors.

Who reads ALT-MU?

Musicians or music lovers with alternative ideas and careers – worldwide

Our target readership is broad in age group, gender and location but niche in terms of subject and interest; attracting either musicians or avid music lovers with alternative ideas and alternative careers in the creative arts and music industry. Our core readership is in the UK but we do have readers and contributors across the Globe, especially the US.

Google Analytics Website Demographics Digital Issue demographics:

These are our statistics taken July 2015 – updated statistics to be confirmed very soon:


Per issue statistics as of July 2015 – updated statistics to be confirmed very soon.

Note: Bear in mind that as a digital magazine, those published longest get additional reads over time:


… and a little insight into the devices our readers are using (July 2015):


On demand print coming soon

As a volunteer led magazine, all of the professionals involved have limited time, but we are building a team and have recently begun a collaborative partnership with BN1 Magazine in Brighton. Plans are underway to refine and improve design across the archive and offer all worldwide issues online and for on demand print. Readers will be able to order their copy online.

Ethical guidance for advertising in ALT-MU

We are very passionate about maintaining our primary objective, which is to educate, inspire and entertain musicians or music lovers. Therefore, we will only include advertising that fits under the following criteria:

  • The content offers value to our readers
    • This could be through discount voucher codes or providing educational and inspiring content
  • The content is relevant to our readers and contextual to ALT-MU content
    • There needs to be a contextual link to the theme of the issue and / or a direct link to music education or wider interest to our creative and alternative minded readers
  • The design is in keeping with our overall brand and look
    • We will not include anything for the sake of monetary gain. The design needs to work with the overall style of ALT-MU, there are discounted design services available for editing or creating artwork.
    • Overall, we are looking for clean, modern and impactful content. No cluttered text. Photography based ideally.

Issue Schedule

Additional note: Due to the volunteer led nature of ALT-MU Magazine deadlines can be variable. However, we will always endeavour to get our quarterly issues out sometime during the stated months below:

  • March/April
  • July/August
  • October/November
  • January/February


These prices are for guidance only. Basic adverts are more expensive, as we are keen to encourage educational and inspiring content over plain adverts. Please get in touch for a customised quotation, especially if you are after volume or crossover coverage in BN1 Magazine.

Worldwide digital issue advertising (on-demand print coming soon):

  • Half page advert: £200
  • Full page advert: £400
  • Double page spread (Editorial / Ad mix): £800
  • Double page spread (Editorial only, by approval): £600
  • Sponsored article banner: £150
  • 2 x double page spread – 4 pages (Editorial – by approval): £800

Website advertising / content:

Frim £100 per month for a small banner ad or £50 for inspirational content contributions that fit with our ethical ad policy.

Note: all content is subject to Editor and Creative Director approval.

Further digital marketing, design and content services

If you are a business or brand looking for further design, content or digital marketing services, we also take on freelance work via creative network ALT-MU Creative.

If you would like to find out how you can be included in the digital issue or advertise on our website, please click the contact us button below to get in touch or pop us an email


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