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Acting Strange ‘Night On The Tiles’ EP

Acting Strange ‘Night On The Tiles’ EP

via In Black Records, out on September 8th

Ali and Billy Strange are cousins from Glasgow’s East End. Together they are Acting Strange. Despite their name, there is little ‘acting’ or pretence emanating from the duo. Making raw lo-fi guitar music but never deviating too far from their pop sensibilities – the pair embody the spark of a young Lee Mavers and the more playful (less heroin-y) Velvets tracks.

The relationship between the two blossomed when they would spend their summer’s together working with their uncle Gabby in his taxidermy workshop in Oban. During breaks, he would teach them how to play guitar & a variety of other instruments (often resulting in missed orders). These summers contributed heavily to the band’s current sound. The breeziness of summer is apparent throughout, the band worked tirelessly with many long summer nights spent learning their craft.

First single ‘Rumble’ evokes the classic songwriting of the 1960s, jangly rhythm and blues reminiscent of Merseybeat acts – all performed by a band who cite The Simpsons as their central cultural influence. Second track ‘Dreaming Away’ shows the diversity of their sound, lighter, but as littered with incessant pop-hooks as the title track.

The band also recently supported Ezra Furman in Glasgow.

Sadly, their uncle Gabby passed away in January 2015. Billy and Ali, equipped their Tascam 8 track travelled back to the old Taxidermy shop, and days before it was pulled down, recorded their debut EP in uncle Gabby’s old workshop.

‘Night On The Tiles’ is out on September 8th 2015.

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