About ALT-MU Magazine

ALT-MU Magazine is worldwide digital magazine with a growing readership across the UK, US, Europe and beyond. It is also the only magazine that provides readers with educational content on music and the creative arts in a visually compelling way.

Our primary focus is to entertain, educate and inspire musicians and music lovers. In addition to top tips and how to articles – all of our content, whether it is music reviews or interviews, includes an educational twist, lifting the lid on career pathways in music and creative arts.

Future plans include the introduction of on demand print and the launch of localised issues for varying cities, starting with Brighton, UK in 2017.

Our Story

It launched as a worldwide digital magazine for musos with alternative careers and was founded by musician, writer and digital marketer, Jennifer Le Roux in 2013. The inspiration came from her own journey trying to be ‘famous’ in music and eventual realisation of the plethora of careers in music that can be so much more rewarding. As a writer and musician, she wanted to find a way to combine her knowledge of both music and content to better educate people on how to create a sustainable career in music, not just aim for the spotlight.

ALT-MU was derived from the term ‘Alternative Muso’ and is not just a magazine name but a definition… 


“A musician or music lover who has found an alternative way to be successful in music or the creative industries”

ALT-MU magazine is a collaborative project with no profit run by volunteers with a primary focus on providing musicians or music lovers with educational content. Here is our launch video:


The core team at ALT-MU Magazine…

The core team are based in Portsmouth and Brighton in the UK but contributors are resided throughout the globe including New York, France, Germany and Australia.

  • Jennifer Le Roux – Founder / Editor & Creative Director
  • Ruby Rebelle – Deputy Editor
  • Simon Potter – Lead Designer
  • Suzanne Greenwood – Illustrator
  • Scott Chalmers – Lead Photographer
  • Tuala Kiernan – Music Editor
  • Bex Cole – Sub Editor
  • Harry Williams – Multimedia & Digital Trends Manager
  • Sarah Kiernan – Community Manager
  • Zelda Zamzare – Marketing Manager
  • Joe Harris – Online Editor
  • Josh Humphrey – Copy Editor & Music Writer

Not just another music magazine…

This is not just another music magazine. The content will engage, educate and entertain anyone looking to develop alternative careers in music or the creative industries.

Music photography, videography, ex musician turned tattoo artist, burlesque performer, musician/graphic designer, drummer/novelist – the list is endless! The days when you could just rely on your music and a dream to be in the charts are gone, so ALT-MU is all about communicating the many alternative ways of being successful in music and the creative industries!


Want to get involved?

If you are an ALT-MU we would like to hear your story.

We are always happy to welcome contributors and particularly keen to get more magazine designers and writers on board from across the globe.

In addition, we would be interested to hear from any angel investors that are able to help us grow the enterprise to include a range of digital collaboration projects including ALT-MU Creative.

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